Bamboo Flooring Tips for Minor Repairs

When you decided on bamboo flooring you would probably have considered two factors that tipped the scales in favor of bamboo. And these would be strength and resilience. But the fact remains: however hard a flooring you choose, there is always the possibility that some mishap can damage the floor. And this is true for both hardwood and bamboo flooring.

In fact, if you compare, hardwood and bamboo flooring are actually pretty similar. And that makes them susceptible to similar kind of damages. And they are pretty much repaired in he same way. These damages can be anything. It might be some major structural damage or it can be something very minor as liquid spills.

Since bamboo is on of the most structurally strong floors, possibilities are you will not encounter any major damages in quite a few years. They are made to last decades. It is the minor damages that often play spoilsport. In this article we plan to discuss how to deal with the minor problems. However, before we start we must remind you that for any specific problem it is best to get in touch with the manufacturer for the right answer.

Kids and Pets

Spills, droppings and puddles are part of any family home with kids and pets. You always have to b extra careful with the little ones around as they are not expected to be appreciative of the worth of a bamboo floor. That comes with age.

Children are known to spill and drop and your pets can cause a lot of scratches to the floor. They don’t mean to, but they do. And sometimes adults are also guilty of dropping things. The easiest solution is to wipe it off. Only make a note to use cleaners that are formulated specifically for urethane-finished floors. For tougher stains, clean twice.

Also remember to close trim the nails of your pet. That would prevent them from leaving scratch marks on your bamboo flooring.


Minor burns from cigarettes and matches can be wiped off using a similar cleaner. For major burns though, you might need to replace the entire plank.

Gum and Wax

If somehow gum or wax has dripped on to the floor, don’t try to remove it immediately. Instead, put an ice bag over the affected place and in a few hours the gum or the wax will come off on its own and no marks will be left on the floor.