Save More Remodel Cost With Tub Refinishing Atlanta

Give new touch your bathroom or kitchen, your option is not only total replacement of the existing fixture. There is another affordable way to bring back flawless look either for your kitchen or your bathroom. It is Tub refinishing Atlanta that improves your bathroom aesthetic looks without a need for your to pay more. Absolutely, the total replacement will add beauty for bathroom, in fact, you can choose this way too, however, having alternative that adds beauty and less pricey, it is worth a consideration as well. Guess what? You can save approximately 70% compared to the whole replacement such as shower stall, tub, sink, ceramic tile, and some.

Bathroom is not only a place to clean yourself from dirt and bad smell, but also your haven to relax and unwind your mind and soul from nerve-wrecking daily routine. Make sure that the the whole part of your bathroom looks great, be sure it is not taken lightly. But why tub refinishing? You find the answer above, but let’s do some comparison like the cost and some. The cost for a total replacement can be around $2000 and more. Indeed it has great durability, which means a new thing that you add inside you bathroom can stay with you in many years like more than 15 years.

However, the installation time minus tub it can be week or more. That is not the only drawback, for some period of time after the installation is completed, you may experience something unpleasant for the debris, noise, workers, and many more. When it comes to tub refinishing, the cost that you need to pay is about $650 sometimes less. The durability for the refinished surface will be like 15 years. Oh, if you hate the idea about installation that takes so much time, the job is done approximately 48 hours minus tub. There is only single worker, and you will get a nice look bathroom in return.